I hope everyone had a smooth start to the new week and are off to a good Tuesday! Over the weekend I saw “Spectre”, the new James Bond film and as with most movies I see in the theater I wanted to share my thoughts.

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When you think of any 007 movie, the thoughts that probably immediately come to mind are: action, fast cars, gadgets, a devious villain, and beautiful women. Well, “Spectre” most definitely has all of those things and in my opinion did a good job of keeping me thoroughly entertained for the 2+ hours in the theater.

If you’ve seen all of the other Bond films that Daniel Craig has been in (swoon), this is a sort of culmination of the movies, tying together multiple storylines. But, if you haven’t seen the other movies it’s not entirely necessary. Honestly, I saw all of the movies but I don’t remember them well (except for “Casino Royale” for some reason) and I was fully able to follow the movie with no problems.

Daniel Craig delivers, yet again, as the suave, charming, yet ready for action at a moment’s notice James Bond. I really do love him as Bond. I did notice one thing in particular in this movie – and I’m not sure if it’s been said before and I only picked up on it now, or if this is a change in the 007 universe – but I’m pretty sure in the past they always refer to James Bond as a spy. I mean, we all know James Bond as a British spy, but I feel that’s the “job title” they always gave him in the movies. In “Spectre” though, I distinctly remember them referring to Bond on more than one occasion as an assassin rather than a spy. Again, I could be mistaken and they’ve referred to him as an assassin in past movies, but it only jumped out at me this time around.

James Bond and his Aston Martin, shaken – not stirred martinis, and globe trotting spy/assassin work are infamous, but just as famous as 007’s exploits are the Bond girls. It’s always a huge deal when they announce what lucky lady will be the new Bond Girl. They always name more than one actress since there is more than one actress throughout the film, but I feel like the “real” Bond Girl would be the one who’s in the majority of the movie. No offense to Monica Belluci, but she’s in the movie for a total of 5 minutes so I really don’t consider her a full-fledged Bond Girl! For “Spectre” that would be french actress, Lea Seydoux, as Madeleinne Swann. Okay, so what I love about Lea Seydoux as the latest Bond Girl is that she seems so much more real. What I mean by that is that physically, she is much more like the average woman. Yes, she’s beautiful, but she doesn’t have some unattainable beauty about her. She’s imperfect and not a stick figure that somehow still has curves with a flawless face and rock hard abs for good measure. Maybe this is a sign of the times that the newest Bond Girl isn’t some “perfect” girl that no one can relate to!

Overall, I thought the movie was really entertaining and worth the money. It was action packed and didn’t have any boring lulls or any points where I wished the movie would speed up. There has been talk that Daniel Craig will not be returning as James Bond, which I do hope isn’t the case because I really like him as Bond. Without giving anything away, the movie does end in a way that does wrap up things and could serve as an end to Daniel Craig’s reign, but I hope he does decide to make some more!

Below is the trailer in case you want to see what the fuss is about!

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