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Geometric Fit & Flare

One of the biggest nights to go out, aside from New Year’s Eve, is the night before Thanksgiving. Most people are all off from work and many who have moved far away are now home for the holiday. Or, like me, you might have friends you grew up with that still live in the general area but everyone’s always so busy with work and life that the holidays provide the perfect time to get together.

So this past Thanksgiving Eve, I decided to go for a mix of dressy and comfortable by wearing a fit & flare dress with a geometric print, textured tights, a thick knit cardigan, and knit Uggs.

Geometric Fit & Flare 2
IMG_4662 copy
Geometric Fit & Flare
Geometric Fit & Flare 3
Geometric Fit & Flare 4
Geometric Fit & Flare 5
Geometric Fit & Flare 6
Geometric Fit & Flare 7

This dress is stretchy, but form fitting so I happily admit that I’m wearing Spanx under this! This dress does have long sleeves, but with it being so form fitting, I felt more comfortable wearing a heavy cardigan with it to help me feel less self-conscious amidst all the holiday eating. Additionally, the dress also has a low scoop back and so I knew I would be cold out at dinner.

While playing around on PhotoShop to brighten the colors, I clicked on “hard mix” and while obviously this isn’t a good picture to showcase my outfit, I wanted to share it because the colors ended up looking really cool!

IMG_5322hard mix

Dress: Forever21
Sweater: Express
Tights: Kohl’s
Boots: Uggs

I think it looks pretty cool and it actually does show off the print of my dress in an interesting way!

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