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Khaki Green Chunky Cardigan

The long weekend is half over – where does the time go?! Now that we’ve crossed the Thanksgiving threshold, it’s officially all about Christmas over here. But, I have some looks saved up to share and the one I’m sharing today is especially fall looking.

Khaki Green Chunky Cardigan
Khaki Green Chunky Cardigan 1
Khaki Green Chunky Cardigan 2
Khaki Green Chunky Cardigan 3

Khaki Green Chunky Cardigan 4
Khaki Green Chunky Cardigan 5
Khaki Green Chunky Cardigan 6

A Khaki green chunky cardigan, dark brown stretch cords, and taupe combat booties — could this be any more fall inspired? Side note: I find the need to specify “khaki green” because whenever I think of khaki, I think of the pants which are always beige or light brown in my mind. Anyway, back on track. I love this oversized cardigan. So nice and thick – perfect for a cool fall afternoon when it’s cool out but not cold enough that a coat is necessary. Instead of pairing the cardigan with a solid color top, I decided to wear this tee I got for free from LOFT a few years ago. The cute drawing of a young woman sits atop boxes and trunks each with a different bright color and each box is made of a crepe material sewn on the shirt.

I wore this outfit at the end of October for a day out shopping at an outlet mall in upstate New York. Here’s a shot of me at a scenic stop after shopping and before heading further into the mountains to visit my aunt.

Khaki Green Chunky Cardigan 7
Cardigan: ASOS
Pants: Uniqlo
Boots: Betsey Johnson via DSW
Purse: Coach

I basically match the foliage. Mission accomplished.


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