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L’Oreal Eye Defense Review

I’m always searching for the best eye cream and the one I’ve been using most recently is L’Oreal’s Eye Defense. L’oreal says the product:

features liposomes that penetrate the skin surface to hydrate and plump skin cells. The hydrating effect reduces the appearance of fine lines and diminishes dark circles.

L'oreal Eye Defense

The eye creams I’ve used in the past have all been very cream-like whereas this one is more serum-like in texture.

L'oreal Eye Defense 1
L'oreal Eye Defense 2

The product is light pink, almost translucent and has little specks that I believe to be light-diffusing particles giving it a pearlescent look. This eye cream is very smooth and takes a minute to sink in to your skin. A  little goes a long way as well so I use just the tiniest dab under each eye and even that takes a minute to sink in.

So does it live up to its claim of reducing the appearance of fine lines and diminishing dark circles? Not exactly. While it feels really nice and smooth under the eyes, it hasn’t helped my dark circles. I don’t really have too many fine lines yet (knock on wood) but unfortunately over the past few months I have developed one stubborn line that this product has not helped reduce the look of.

Bottom line, it feels nice but hasn’t done anything spectacular for me so the hunt continues. If you know of any eye creams that are good for tackling some stubborn lines let me know!

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