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    Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Boost 360° Eye Cream

    I’m always in the market for a good eye cream to try out and Skinfix sent me the Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Boost 360 Eye Cream a while ago. So when I finished up the last one I was using from Tula, I opened this one up. It’s described as: “A treatment using unprecedented, concentrated, clinical actives to target hydration, dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around eyes and lids.“ “This cream is 95-percent naturally-derived. Nourishing lipids and powerful, clean actives are clinically proven to brighten and refresh the look of the eye area, diminishing the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Use 360° to help lift and firm the…

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    Skinfix: Calm & Rejuvenate Eye Cream

    If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I love trying new skincare products. I’ve written about a number of products from Skinfix over the years and they were kind enough to send me an eye cream. They sent this to me a while ago but I’ve been trying to use up some other eye creams I had open. But now I’ve been using the Calm & Rejuvenate Eye Cream for the past few weeks and I love how creamy it is. Well, it’s creamy, but doesn’t feel oily or greasy under my eyes and sinks in pretty quickly so you don’t need to worry about how it will…

  • CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

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    CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

    If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know by now that I love trying out various eye creams. Last year I remembered watching one of Emilynoel83’s, or Beauty Broadcast and she’s also known, videos where she raved about the CeraVe Eye Repair Cream. Since I’m not one to pass up a good drugstore recommendation, I decided to give it a try once my little jar of L’Oreal Eye Defense was completely cleaned out. Besides the fact that Emily had toted this as a gem of a drugstore find, I wanted to try it because the brand claims that it will visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness. I don’t really…

  • Valentia Review

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    Valentia Review

    I’m back with another skincare product review! I was recently sent two products from Valentia – the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask and the True Glow Eye Cream. Since I’m always up for trying out new skincare products and winter is the best time to try out hydrating products, I knew I wanted to give these two a try. The products come packaged in sleek white boxes with gold trim so my initial impression of the packaging was that they seem pretty luxe. The packaging for the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask is a white plastic with the same gold trim on the label. The True Glow Eye Serum comes in a glass…

  • #Noticethelotus

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    For my long-time readers, you’ll know that one thing I have talked about multiple times when it comes to skincare and beauty is eye creams. So when I got the opportunity to work with derma e® and try their Firming DMAE Eye Lift Crème I jumped at the chance. First, let’s talk about how this whole opportunity came about. To me, the start of a new year means new beginnings and trying out new things. The people at derma e® think so too, which is why now at the start of 2016, the brand can now be found at Target. You might be wondering why the title to this post is “#NoticeTheLotus” –…

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    L’Oreal Eye Defense Review

    I’m always searching for the best eye cream and the one I’ve been using most recently is L’Oreal’s Eye Defense. L’oreal says the product: features liposomes that penetrate the skin surface to hydrate and plump skin cells. The hydrating effect reduces the appearance of fine lines and diminishes dark circles. The eye creams I’ve used in the past have all been very cream-like whereas this one is more serum-like in texture. The product is light pink, almost translucent and has little specks that I believe to be light-diffusing particles giving it a pearlescent look. This eye cream is very smooth and takes a minute to sink in to your skin. A  little…

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    Youth Express Eye Gel & Retinol Moisturizer

    I have 2 products to share with you today. I love Instanatural’s Argan Oil Hair Mask so when I got the opportunity try out some other products from the brand, I jumped on the chance. First up, the Youth Express Eye Gel. I’ve been a dark circle sufferer for quite a few years now and this eye gel is supposed to tackle a couple different things, dark circles being one of them. The gel claims to “help reverse the signs of aging and revert your skin back to its natural youthfulness. It will help you tackle dark circles, eye bags, crow’s feet, fine lines, sagginess and puffiness so you can obtain…