Printed Jumpsuit & Mustard Cardigan

Printed Jumpsuit + Mustard Cardigan

If I have to pick one fashion trend I have fully embraced in 2015, it has to be the jumpsuit. If you’ve been following me for a while, you all know I love rompers, so it’s really not hard to believe that jumpsuits would be well loved by me. It can be trickier to find a jumpsuit for me because I’m so short so I need to find ones that really fit me unless I want to go through the trouble of getting it altered.

So when I got this printed jumpsuit from American Eagle and it fit perfectly, I was super excited! It has elastic at the ankles and spaghetti straps so I can wear it anytime of the year. I wore it last month (definitely not spaghetti strap weather) to my friend’s baby shower and I paired it with a mustard colored cardigan or boyfriend sweater.

Printed Jumpsuit & Mustard Cardigan
Printed Jumpsuit & Mustard Cardigan 1
Printed Jumpsuit & Mustard Cardigan 2
Printed Jumpsuit & Mustard Cardigan 3
Printed Jumpsuit & Mustard Cardigan 4
Printed Jumpsuit & Mustard Cardigan 5

I absolutely love the cream & black print all over the jumpsuit. Some may think it’s too busy, but in my opinion it’s not especially because it is essentially black & white. I wore the jumpsuit with black pumps and a statement ring on my middle finger to dress it up a bit for the occasion.

This last photo is just for fun. I was playing around with lighting on Photoshop and I think this “color dodge” setting really shows off the print.

Printed Jumpsuit & Mustard Cardigan 6

I hope you all had a nice weekend with your loved ones and have a great start to the week! I’ve got exactly 1 week left to my break from work and I hope it goes by nice and slow!


  1. Samantha

    Cute! I’ve always wanted to try out the jumpsuit but I think I’m too short to pull it off haha. The ones I’ve tried on were always super long on me. May I ask, how tall are you? If AE still has jumpsuits like that I need to get one!


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