Suspended Double Pearl Earring

Suspended Double Pearl Earrings

Double stud earrings have been popular for over a year now. If you’re unsure of what I’m talking about it’s those earrings (usually pearl) that have the larger stud behind the ear where the post is hence the “double stud” name. For quite a while I was seeing these earrings everywhere and while I did like the look, and still do, I never bought a pair. I may buy a pair in the future (Who am I kidding? There’s a 99% chance I will eventually buy a pair) but first I decided to buy a different pair. I saw these suspended double pearl earrings on the Joyus website and after waiting for them to come back in stock I finally made them mine. I like them because they have the same basic principal as the double studs, but are different since they sort of dangle.

Suspended Double Pearl Earring 2
Suspended Double Pearl Earring 3
Suspended Double Pearl Earring
Suspended Double Pearl Earring 1

I got the earrings in grey, but I really did want them in the classic white shade. However, both were out of stock and the grey ones came back in stock first. I decided to get those before they sold out since I didn’t know if the white ones would ever come back. Perhaps when I eventually get a pair of double studs I will get white ones!

What’s cool about these earrings is that I could wear them as regular pearl studs if I put on regular backs. I could also wear different studs (like a gemstone) and use the suspended pearl backing.

I am totally into this earring look. The only thing that I dislike about these earrings is that it is so difficult to take the backs off. It’s like the backs get stuck and you have to really pull them, which any of you with pierced ears know it can start to really hurt your ears!

All in all, I’m a fan of the double earring look and will definitely be investing in some more pieces in the future.

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