Photo Challenge: Optimistic

How can a short work week feel so tiring? I had an unplanned 4-day weekend because of the blizzard last weekend and had to hit the ground running at work come Wednesday. It’s been a tiring and very busy few days.

My photo response this Friday to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge was taken during the blizzard. The photo challenge this past week was “Optimistic” and while outside during the thick of the storm I took a picture of the weeping pine in front of my house.

Weeping Pine & Snow

While the wind whipped snow all around and I began to be surrounded by three feet of snow, I thought the image of this evergreen covered in snow was a great image for “optimistic”. The tree stays green and resilient despite being covered in snow and lashed with wind. There is something optimistic about the image of green trees amidst the cold snow. Perhaps it evokes the idea that you can get through anything. There’s also something so pure about the vision of freshly fallen snow – like a clean slate and everything starts anew which is definitely optimistic in my opinion!

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