Heart Shaped Ravioli

Heart Shaped Ravioli

So yesterday I posted about my snowflake sweater and talked about how it would be nice to get some snow if it was going to be so unbearably cold. Well, guess what? It snowed! Of course, it snowed when I was already off from work for President’s Day. I’ll need to time my fortuitous posts better next time.

Valentine’s Day was over the weekend and I hope you all had a wonderful day whether it was with a significant other, friends, family, or just a nice day solo. There’s an italian shop near me that makes delicious fresh pasta and other prepared foods such as ravioli, which come packaged so that you can freeze them at home. For Valentine’s they make heart shaped raviolis which are not just yummy but super adorable!

Of course, I had to buy a pack of the heart shaped cheese ravioli. I made half of them a few nights ago for dinner and served it with tomato sauce.

Heart Shaped Ravioli
Heart Shaped Ravioli 1
Heart Shaped Ravioli 2
Heart Shaped Ravioli 3
Heart Shaped Ravioli 4

Not only were the raviolis heart shaped, but also light pink. So festive!

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