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Photo Challenge: Harmony

More people enjoyed my photo response to last week’s photo challenge than I anticipated. I didn’t really think too many people would be interested in my sleepy and burnt out “state of mind”, but I guess people could relate. It definitely makes me not feel so bad about comparing myself to a drooping flower! Thanks for the love!

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Harmony”. When I was little I took piano lessons. I took lessons for several years actually, but I never got very good at it because I rarely practiced so the weekly 30 minute lessons didn’t really do much for me. Now that I’m older I do wish I had taken my lessons more seriously so I could still play. I guess it’s true what they say to you when you’re young and doing something you don’t really appreciate – “you’ll appreciate it when you’re older”. I think I can still read music so maybe one of these days I’ll reteach myself. Anyway, for a time during those piano playing years, I was also super into charm bracelets. I loved the jangly sound of them. Remember when full-on charm bracelets were extremely popular? I’m not talking about the kind you find at Pandora these days, but the kind with the hanging charms off the chain link bracelet with things like shoes and hearts. You can still find them around these days but they’re not quite as popular as they were in the 90s. So back then I was a young girl who “played” piano and loved charm bracelets. For Christmas or my birthday I was given a charm bracelet with musical notes, a treble clef sign, and time signature (hey, at least I remember what those things are called!).

Musical Note Charm Bracelet

I haven’t worn this bracelet in years but remembered I had it and took it out for this photo challenge. With a challenge like “harmony” I just had to dig out this musical bracelet! What’s good, or bad depending on how you look at it, about this bracelet is the charms are very lightweight and delicate. So it’s good because the piece is dainty and won’t really get in the way when you’re wearing it. Because the charms are so delicate and are flat it also doesn’t make any noise. This can be bad if you’re like 10 year old me that wanted to hear the jangling at all times!

Now that I’ve got this bracelet out maybe I’ll wear it soon!

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