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Black Tencel Dress

Have you heard of Tencel? Well if you haven’t, don’t worry because I only heard about it in the past few years. A blogger I love, Kiera Lennox, professed her love for tencel so many times that it stuck in my head. Then, I saw this black dress from LOFT that I already liked but when I found out it was made of tencel I was really sold on it!

So what is tencel? It’s a fiber obtained from wood pulp. It’s been used to make more and more clothing in recent years (or at least that I’ve noticed) and in fact, if you remember my post a few weeks ago about the #iwokeuplikethis sheet mask that mask was made of tencel.

I love the high quality feel of this dress and it’s soft but surprisingly thicker/heavier than I thought it would be!

Tencel Dress
Tencel Dress 1
Tencel Dress 2
Tencel Dress 3
Tencel Dress 4
Tencel Dress 5
Tencel Dress 6
Tencel Dress 7

Both the dress and layered necklace are LOFT. I thought about wearing this dress without the necklace because I loved how simple the dress was, but at the last minute decided I wanted the pop of color. The buttons go about halfway down the dress and has utility style pockets. The dress also has real pockets which is always the best!

So next time you’re shopping be on the look out for tencel – I promise now that I’ve pointed it out to you you’ll notice it so much more now!

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