Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

So a food/appetizer that I love and don’t get to eat often is Deviled Eggs. I don’t know what it is about deviled eggs, but I just love them. Maybe it’s the hint of spice from the paprika or the sweetness of the relish or the creaminess of the egg yolk filling. One time a few years ago I was out with one of my good friends at a bar and restaurant. I saw deviled eggs on the menu and whilst this place is more known for it’s beer towers, soft pretzels, and ribs, my eyes zoomed in on the deviled eggs and I instantaneously had a hankering for them. My friend thought it was hilarious that I would order deviled eggs from this place, but you know what? She ate some of my order! True story. So moral of the story is, deviled eggs are awesome.

There are a million recipes for deviled eggs on the Internet so I won’t bore you with the details but I’ll give you the basic idea.

First, you need to hard boil your eggs and de-shell them.

Hardboiled Eggs

Once that’s done, you will halve them and scoop out the egg yolks into a separate bowl.

Hardboiled Eggs 1
Deviled Eggs

Then, mush up the egg yolks and mix in salt, pepper, relish, mayonnaise and mustard (I use dijon).

Deviled Eggs - Filling

I’m not fancy enough to have a piping bag, so I spooned the mixture into a ziplock bag, cut a hole and filled the eggs this way.

Deviled Eggs 1
Deviled Eggs 2

Sprinkle paprika on top, refrigerate so the eggs get nice and chilled, and they’re ready to eat!

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