Color Challenge: Pretty Pastels

Color Challenge: Pretty Pastels


I love pastels so when Polyvore had a pastel color challenge, I had to take part. I decided to use a kitchen for my set and fill it with pastel accents in the form of flowers and dish-ware.
  • These dinner plates are so pretty and scream summer to me. How pretty would these be at an outdoor dinner party?
  • I love this striped blue and white mug with gold base and handle. Something about this mug makes me think of Alice in Wonderland for some reason and has a cute, whimsical feel to it.
  • The pastel set of bowls are not only pretty but so practical. Use them for cereal, side dishes, ice cream, whatever you want!
  • The painted mason jars filled with fresh flowers is a nice touch to the predominantly white kitchen. I’m a big fan of fresh flowers!
  • Lastly, the “Wash, Dry, Repeat” tea towel is a nice pastel accessory to have on the counter or draped over the handle of the oven.

What do you think about pastel dish-ware?

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