Confetti Sweater
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Confetti Sweater

There are a few small shops that I follow on Instagram that I love to keep an eye on for cute items. One of these shops is Avenue BeI’ve gotten a few tops from them in the past few months and they have not disappointed. The confetti sweater I’m wearing in today’s post is from Avenue Be. Now it may be pretty hot out these days, but just last month the weather was constantly changing. One day it would be be in the 80s and the next it would be chilly and rainy. On one of those cloudy days, I wore the confetti sweater. In fact, it was the day I spent the afternoon in Asbury Park, which you can read and watch here.

Why is this sweater called a “confetti” sweater? There are multicolored dots all over. The dots are not a print, they are part of the fabric and remind me of when sweaters start to pill. It’s like all the little pills are pretty multicolored dots.

Confetti Sweater
Confetti Sweater 1
Confetti Sweater 2
Confetti Sweater 3
Confetti Sweater 4
Confetti Sweater 5
Confetti Sweater 6
Confetti Sweater 7

Sweater: Avenue Be | Jeans: Loft | Sunglasses: Loft | Shoes: Keds via DSW

What drew me to this sweater was the confetti design, of course. I absolutely love the look of these tiny multicolored dots against the white sweater. There is something so fun and sweet about the look. Like sprinkles on vanilla ice cream. Or sprinkles on vanilla frosting on a cupcake. Both delicious! Honestly, I would’ve gotten this sweater for the confetti aspect alone, but then add in the lace shoulders and it’s just the cherry on top of this sprinkle laden treat.

So if you couldn’t tell, I love this sweater. I liked it immediately upon seeing it on Instagram that I went straight to the website only to find that my size was sold out! I reached out to Avenue Be via Instagram and asked about the sizing, because maybe I could get away with a bigger size. They were so good about responding quickly and told me that the sweater fits pretty true to size. I was sad for about a second and after looking at the picture again and again, I knew I just needed it. So I ordered a size larger than I normally wear and decided I would wear it as a looser, oversized sweater. The sweater is a bit loose but it’s not so loose that it looks like I’m swimming in it or anything – it’s just not fitted, which is fine.

What do you think of the confetti look?

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