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Leopard NJ Sweatshirt

When I first saw this bright pink sweatshirt with state abbreviations in leopard I thought it was so cute. So when I placed an order for some Valentine’s graphic sweatshirts (my XOXO sweatshirt and Love, Love, Love sweatshirt) I made sure to get this one too.

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Sweatshirt: Pink Lily Boutique (here) | Leggings: Express

You can get your state’s initials on the sweatshirt and there’s also a white option, but I think this azalea pink is just so pretty! The leopard letters against the pink is such a great combo too. There are also t-shirt options and cropped tee options.

I wore the sweatshirt here with black leggings, but the sweatshirt would look great with jeans too and on cool summer nights in a few months you could wear it with shorts!

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