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Photo Challenge: Rare

Today is my last [week] day of summer break before I go back to work. How is the summer over already?! I’m not ready!

So on my last Friday of summer break, I have a photo from my summer vacation to Alaska to share for this week’s photo challenge. The challenge was “Rare” and I knew I wanted to share a shot of Mt. Denali.

Mt Denali

I had been trying to spot the ever elusive Mt. Denali for days, to no avail. It was always too cloudy to see one of the highest mountains in the world. But on my last night in the area (I would be leaving the next morning to head further south and out of eye shot of the infamous mountain) the clouds parted and honored me with a view of Mt. Denali. It was like a present for me!

So, yes it was rare because I had been waiting for a few days to glimpse the mountain. But, also, it is not common to be able to see it in general. There are so many Mt. Denali souvenirs (refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, and the like) that say only 30% of visitors get to see the mountain. Basically, it’s really rare and I got to be part of the 30%!

For more details on my time in Alaska, specifically the day I finally saw the mountain, click here.

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