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Photo Challenge: Smile

Happy Friday! I’m happy to say the work week went by pretty quickly, but I have a ton I need to get done so I wish I had a few extra hours in the day!

What I love about photos is that they are snapshots of a memory. Any memory. Something beautiful you saw that you want to hold on to, a loving memory, an adventure, etc. We all have taken photos that when you look back on you can’t help but laugh or it brings a smile to your face. So with last week’s photo challenge, “Smile“, I’m sharing a photo from last summer. If you’ve been following my blog for that long, you might remember that I spent the day in New York City last summer to go to the Top of the Rock, have lunch, and walk around. While walking around – and trying to keep cool with a cold Starbucks frappuccino – we came across an entryway to a building with these cool, glowing planters that were designed like faces. I couldn’t help but take a photo of one seemingly drinking from my frappuccino!

Face Planter

I mean, the planter isn’t smiling here, but I like to think that after drinking some of my Starbucks it might smile 🙂

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