Crown Jewel Jell-O Cups


Jell-O Crown Jewel

Have you guys ever had a Jell-O Crown Jewel cake? It’s essentially a cake (I normally see it in the shape of a bundt) with cubed jell-o and a mixture of Cool Whip and lemon jell-o. I remember when I was little my aunt would make it for family parties all the time. Whenever I would ask my mom to make it for me back then, she would always make it in little cups instead of a whole cake because only my brother and I ate it. A whole cake is not as practical, plus once you start cutting a cake that is essentially cool whip and jell-o it is not easy or neat to keep. Cups are more practical and you can just take one out of the refrigerator and eat your one serving.

So how do you make the Jell-O Crown Jewel? First you need to make jell-o obviously. I make it in containers or quart containers. Once it’s completely set, remove the jell-o and cut it into cubes or chunks.

Green Jello-O
Green & Orange Jell-O
Diced Jell-O

I used lime, lemon, orange, and black cherry. Normally, I only use 3 flavors, but I threw in the black cherry. It tasted good, but I think it’s best to keep it to 3 instead of 4 jell-o flavors to make a better cream to jell-o ratio.

Lemon Jell-O
Cool Whip & Lemon Jell-O
For the cream, you need to mix together lemon jell-o (still in its liquid form but once it has cooled and become a little thicker) with Cool Whip. Then mix in the jell-o cubes.

Cool Whip & Lemon Jell-O 1Crown Jewel Jell-O
Crown Jewel Jell-O 1

Next, spoon the mixture into the cups and refrigerate until it all sets!

Crown Jewel Jell-O Cups
Crown Jewel Jell-O Cups 1
Crown Jewel Jell-O Cups 2
Crown Jewel Jell-O Cups 3

It is such an easy and delicious dessert! I wanted to share it ahead of the weekend in case you need a dessert idea still for Labor Day Weekend. You can make it the traditional way as a cake or try making it in cups for a more individualized dessert.

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