Pier 66

Photo Challenge: Frame

I survived my first week back at work! After I get through today, that is. My classroom is just about ready. I need to fine tune my plans for next week and my syllabi and I’ll be ready. Well, ready on paper, but not really ready to officially say goodbye to summer.

For this past week’s photo challenge, The Daily Post, posed the question “how [does] the world frame itself?” It challenged participants to take a step back from framing a picture through our lens and see natural frames or view “frames” in a different way. I quickly thought of a picture I took back in June when I was in New York City for the day.

Pier 66

This photo was taken when I was walking on Pier 66 in Hudson River Park towards The Frying Pan. I was trying to be artsy when I took this picture as I walked by. I thought the wooden crisscross structure that lined the pier perfectly framed the water and trees in the distance. I also liked that the crisscross design gave an unconventional frame to the scenery in the background.

For more on what I did, saw, and ate that day, you can check out my YouTube video with highlights of the day!

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