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Photo Challenge: Circle

The first week back to work after a break is always stressful so I’m so happy it’s Friday!

This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Circle”. While tidying up around my bedroom I glanced at my globe that sits on top of my bookshelf. I thought to myself that this would work for my photo challenge response since a globe is certainly a circle, although 3D. I also am going through a serious case of wanderlust at the moment so the globe is really fitting for me this week.

Spinning Globe

You might ask why I have a globe since they aren’t really items that people normally just have in their houses these days. Back when I first started this blog, I had a little tidbit written in my About Me page and how when I was a little kid I used to ask for the oddest things. Of course, I would ask for clothes and games that I would see commercials for, but I also would ask for things that kids probably wouldn’t normally ask for. Things like a french phone, sewing machine, etc. One day when I was in elementary school I was at a furniture store with my parents and saw a globe and needed it. It reminded me of the globe in my classroom, but this one was so much nicer and classy looking with it’s dark wood base and gold accents. Much more sophisticated looking than a beat up blue globe at school. So yeah, weird thing to want as a kid, but that’s me!

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