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August 2016 Favorites

Somehow it’s September already, which means it’s time to round up my monthly favorites. I have very few favorites to share for August and almost all of them are things from TV so I guess a lot of my month (or at least my favorite things from the month) was spent relaxing and watching things on TV before I went back to work.

First up, if you’ve been following me for a while then you may know that I absolutely love Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show. I especially love when he has lip sync battles with his guests. A few weeks ago Seth Rogen was a guest and his performance was hilarious. Spoiler alert: his second song was Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and I literally laughed out loud.

Next, the first half of the month pretty much consisted of me watching the Olympics which I wrote about here and here. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Olympics – both winter and summer. I love rooting for Team USA and I love the spirit of the whole thing.

rio olympic rings

So unless you’ve been living under a rock then you heard at least something about the Gilmore Girls revival. Not exactly a revival because it’s not being brought back for good (although I wouldn’t object) but a 4 part series from Netflix. Each 90 minute episode will span one season of a year. In preparation for that I, like many others, have begun to rewatch all the seasons. Back when it was originally on TV, I didn’t watch it regularly – just once in a while so it’s been good to really go through and watch everything. I started months ago so I could take my time getting through the 7 seasons, but in August I really started binge watching sometimes getting through 3-4 episodes per day. I’m currently on episode 9 or 10 of season 6 so I should be done with plenty of time to spare by the time Netflix releases the 4 part series in November!

gilmore girls netflix

On a final note about my Gilmore Girls binge – I’m still Team Christopher and I think I’m Team Logan! I have always loved Lorelai with Christopher. They just have something special and I know tons of fans have always thought Lorelai and Luke are end game, but personally I’m not a big Luke fan. #sorrynotsorry. He’s grumpy all the time and he’s really not that nice. He kinda annoys me. Now, about Rory. I used to be Team Jess all the way and I still do like Jess. But, now rewatching it, I really like her with Logan. I think they’re a great match and he’s really a great blend of Dean & Jess. He’s sweet, considerate, and is good to Rory like Dean was, but he’s also got the intelligence and banter like Jess. Bonus – he understands the part of Rory’s world that her grandparents are part of because he is from that same world. So yes, if she ends up with Logan I will be super happy!

My one food favorite this month is Mango Sticky Rice. Earlier in August, I went to a thai restaurant for my friends’ birthday (review to come) and one of the desserts people ordered to share was mango sticky rice, the popular thai dessert. I forgot how much I love it and since that dinner I’ve made the dessert twice at home! I’ll be posting about it in the future, but here’s a picture of a picture! I documented the process and haven’t put the photos on my computer yet but I kinda like how this picture came out. I took a picture of the photo on my camera with my phone.

Mango Sticky Rice on Camera

Looks good right?! I promise to share the food post sometime soon.

My last favorite is my favorite song of the month. That honor goes to Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha “In the Name of Love”. It’s so catchy!

What are some things you loved in August?



  1. TheFallibleQueen

    Gilmore Girls was one of my favorite shows when I was a teenager. I actually prefer Rory with someone new, but I do like Christopher with Lorelai. I feel in the TV series there comes a time why we remember why they didn’t work out.

      1. TheFallibleQueen

        I like Luke and Lorelai together I think they balance each other out. Them getting together was long overdue!, but I want to see Christopher and Lorelai end up together 🙂 yeah I have a feeling Rory won’t be with someone new.😕 whose your favorite character?

      2. lifeaccordingtojamie

        I’d love to see Christopher and Lorelai end up together. Luke is too grumpy for me lol. I’m always torn between Jess and Logan for Rory. I’m not sure who my favorite character is! They’re all a little nuts haha

      3. TheFallibleQueen

        They really are lol but I kind of like small towns, I went to one for college and it was nice. Luke is pretty grumpy though. I like Jess with rory😊. The season finale was bittersweet but you’ll definitely like it!

      4. lifeaccordingtojamie

        Yeah, I don’t think I saw the series finale when it originally aired so I’m looking forward to it except not really because I don’t want it to end! lol I like the idea of small towns, but I’ve never lived in one. Maybe one day!

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