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August 2016 Favorites

Somehow it’s September already, which means it’s time to round up my monthly favorites. I have very few favorites to share for August and almost all of them are things from TV so I guess a lot of my month (or at least my favorite things from the month) was spent relaxing and watching things on TV before I went back to work.

First up, if you’ve been following me for a while then you may know that I absolutely love Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show. I especially love when he has lip sync battles with his guests. A few weeks ago Seth Rogen was a guest and his performance was hilarious. Spoiler alert: his second song was Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and I literally laughed out loud.

Next, the first half of the month pretty much consisted of me watching the Olympics which I wrote about here and here. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Olympics – both winter and summer. I love rooting for Team USA and I love the spirit of the whole thing.

rio olympic rings

So unless you’ve been living under a rock then you heard at least something about the Gilmore Girls revival. Not exactly a revival because it’s not being brought back for good (although I wouldn’t object) but a 4 part series from Netflix. Each 90 minute episode will span one season of a year. In preparation for that I, like many others, have begun to rewatch all the seasons. Back when it was originally on TV, I didn’t watch it regularly – just once in a while so it’s been good to really go through and watch everything. I started months ago so I could take my time getting through the 7 seasons, but in August I really started binge watching sometimes getting through 3-4 episodes per day. I’m currently on episode 9 or 10 of season 6 so I should be done with plenty of time to spare by the time Netflix releases the 4 part series in November!

gilmore girls netflix

On a final note about my Gilmore Girls binge – I’m still Team Christopher and I think I’m Team Logan! I have always loved Lorelai with Christopher. They just have something special and I know tons of fans have always thought Lorelai and Luke are end game, but personally I’m not a big Luke fan. #sorrynotsorry. He’s grumpy all the time and he’s really not that nice. He kinda annoys me. Now, about Rory. I used to be Team Jess all the way and I still do like Jess. But, now rewatching it, I really like her with Logan. I think they’re a great match and he’s really a great blend of Dean & Jess. He’s sweet, considerate, and is good to Rory like Dean was, but he’s also got the intelligence and banter like Jess. Bonus – he understands the part of Rory’s world that her grandparents are part of because he is from that same world. So yes, if she ends up with Logan I will be super happy!

My one food favorite this month is Mango Sticky Rice. Earlier in August, I went to a thai restaurant for my friends’ birthday (review to come) and one of the desserts people ordered to share was mango sticky rice, the popular thai dessert. I forgot how much I love it and since that dinner I’ve made the dessert twice at home! I’ll be posting about it in the future, but here’s a picture of a picture! I documented the process and haven’t put the photos on my computer yet but I kinda like how this picture came out. I took a picture of the photo on my camera with my phone.

Mango Sticky Rice on Camera

Looks good right?! I promise to share the food post sometime soon.

My last favorite is my favorite song of the month. That honor goes to Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha “In the Name of Love”. It’s so catchy!

What are some things you loved in August?

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