Faded Sage Maxi

Aside from rompers, maxi dresses are my other summer love as you may know. Since I’m short, sometimes maxi dresses can be really long on me meaning I have to either get them shortened or wear them with heels/wedges. Occasionally, I’ll get lucky and find one that’s the perfect length for my petite frame and this one is one of them! The dress is the perfect length and I wore it without shoes outside for these photos so you could see for yourself.

The print is called “Faded Sage” hence the blog title. It has a beautiful, large floral pattern featuring colors that really compliment each other – from the faded sage, to the cream, light pink, burgundy, yellow, and black background.

Faded Sage Double V Maxi
Faded Sage Double V Maxi 1
Faded Sage Double V Maxi 2
Faded Sage Double V Maxi 3
Faded Sage Double V Maxi 5
Faded Sage Double V Maxi 4
Faded Sage Double V Maxi 6
Faded Sage Double V Maxi 7

Faded Sage Double V Maxi 8
Faded Sage Double V Maxi 9
Dress: LOFT

The dress also comes with a matching string/tie that goes around the waist. It’s really not necessary, nor does it really stand out on the dress, but I left it there and tied it off to the side a little bit.

The dress is a double v, which means not only is it a v-neck in the front of the dress, but also in the back. You may have noticed that while I do have pictures of the back of the dress, I don’t have pictures to show off the back v. I covered it with my hair because I got sunburnt on my back a few weeks ago at the beach. It’s not that bad and it wasn’t painful, but I’m covering it up because it’s one of those splotchy sunburns, like I got sunburned in just two areas so I’ve got two very tan patches on my back now. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now, but I don’t want to subject you all to it since it looks so odd.

I love this maxi dress and like yesterday’s paisley dress that I shared, I can see it transitioning very nicely into the fall with a cardigan or denim jacket. Perhaps that will be another outfit that I restyle for fall.

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  1. Cute maxi dress I love the colors, your backyard looks so nice!

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