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Football Brownies

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! It doesn’t quite feel like Super Bowl to me. Maybe because I haven’t heard a lot of hype about it lately what with all the other news going on in the country seemingly every single day. Nonetheless I wanted to make a little Super Bowl themed food but I’ve been so busy that I didn’t have a lot of time to do anything elaborate. I wanted to do something that was easy but still obviously football related. I decided to make brownies and just do a simple icing decoration to make them look like footballs.

Now on Pinterest there are a slew of football brownies and many of them are shaped like footballs. But I didn’t have the time nor did I feel like cutting out footballs by free hand. Instead I went with regular square brownies and just drew on semicircles with icing on two opposite corners and then drew on the laces. It was a little sloppy because the icing was not being very cooperative – I find squeezy packages of icing to be so difficult!


When you look at the brownies individually they don’t look too bad but when they’re all in the pan together the sloppiness is more apparent just because they’re not all uniform. I contemplated not posting that picture, but I figured I would include it to keep it real and show that I’m far from perfect.

Aside from the trickiness of the icing, this was pretty easy since I just used brownie mix. So if you’re scrambling trying to think of a last minute Super Bowl food, this is totally doable!

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