Striped Ruffle Bib Shirt

You all know I love florals, but did you know that I also love ruffles? Not over-the-top ruffles but delicate ruffles can always be a nice touch to a look. Ruffles on shirts is in style lately and I think it can turn ordinary shirts into something a little more fun and feminine. For example, this striped ruffle bib shirt. It could be your normal striped shirt with henley style buttons, but add a delicate ruffle in a bib design and it creates a much different look.


Shirt: LOFT | Cardigan: Old Navy | Pants: New York & Company | Watch: Fossil

I love that this blouse has a high neck which incorporates the ruffle design as well. It helps the shirt flow better. Although the shirt is long-sleeves I wore it with a cardigan because the shirt is so thin and lightweight that I knew I would be cold at work. It’s such a simple, classic, and sophisticated look/design. I will have to restyle it for spring perhaps with a skirt and share it on here.

What do you think of ruffles and bib designs?

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