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Cape Cod – Hyannis & Provincetown

Happy 4th of July to all my readers in the States! I hope you’re all having a fun time with family and friends today.

If you read my recent “What’s in My Makeup Bag?” post and/or follow me on Instagram then you know I’m spending the holiday in Cape Cod. It’s my first time at The Cape even though it is only 5-6 hours away from me. I didn’t know this, but Cape Cod is actually really big and is made up of lots of towns and coastal areas. I’m staying in Hyannis Port, home to the Kennedy Compound, and conveniently less than a mile away from the ferries to go to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. I’ll be writing about both of those places as well and posting videos of my trip soon!

In today’s post I’m just going to briefly talk about days 1 and 2 of my trip!

So my family and I left New Jersey Saturday morning and hit so much traffic. Holiday traffic plus a lot of people heading to Cape Cod as well (once we were closer to The Cape). By the time we got to our hotel and settled in, it was time for dinner so we drove over to the harbor, walked around, and ate dinner (my vacation food post will go up this weekend!). Dinner was a seafood feast which is something I’m sure I’ll be eating a lot of this week! After dinner and walking around the harbor a bit more we headed down further down the road to the John F. Kennedy Memorial which features a fountain, a JFK figurehead on a granite or marble wall, and overlooks the water. It was really nice to see it at dusk.

JFK Memorial - Hyannis Port
JFK Memorial - Hyannis Port 2
JFK Memorial - Hyannis Port 1

On Sunday, we headed to Provincetown which is about an hour northeast of Hyannis – part of the upper Cape. This town was so busy and filled with people everywhere! The town was colorful with lots of shops, ice cream stores, bakeries, restaurants and more and had a very artsy, hippie vibe.

Provincetown 1
Provincetown 2
Provincetown - Beach

After walking around for a bit we headed out on our whale watching trip with Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch . This was a great excursion! The boat took us about an hour out before we started to spot whales. The boat would slow down or stop so we could all watch, take videos and pictures and basically run from side to side of the boat whenever the naturalist would tell us where a whale was. We saw humpback whales and fin whales.

This is what I learned about these whales (!):

  • A whale’s tale is called a fluke
  • Humpback whales fluke (that’s what it’s called when they arch up and back down in the water and their tail comes up) when they’re going for a deeper dive for food.
  • Fin whales are the second largest animal on earth.
  • Fin whales do not fluke because they have a negative buoyancy, they are sinkers, so they don’t need to fluke in order to go for that deeper dive.
  • Fin whales can stay under water for 45 minutes
  • Humpback whales may be able to live up to 100 years! One humpback whale in the area was first spotted in the 1970s and she was already an adult (at least 10 years old). She has grandbabies and came back last year with a new baby so she is still reproducing despite being a grandma or even great grandma! These whales go down towards the Dominican Republic during the winter.

And that’s all I remember learning from whale watching!

Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale - Tail 1

The above photos are of a humpback whale – which you should know since you can see the fluke! So cool to be so close!

Here’s a shot of a fin whale

Fin Whale

Our naturalist on board estimates that this fin whale was about 70 feet long!

And here’s a short video I took…

It was a really great experience! I highly recommend going whale watching if you have the chance. After the whale watching and walking around Provincetown some more, we had an early dinner and drove back to Hyannis.

Longer videos of my vacation to come soon!

Enjoy the 4th and I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about Nantucket!

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