Top of the Rock - Empire State Building View
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#PostalCodePride in NYC

I grew up in New Jersey, about 45 minutes from New York City. I like where I grew up and for the most part still like the area being less than an hour away from the city in one direction and the beach in another. But when I think of tourist destinations I don’t think of my suburban town but instead of my birthplace, New York City! Not only was I born there, but my mom grew up there, my parents were married there, and my dad still commutes into the city for work every day. All that combined with the fact that I’ve spent my whole life going in to the city for various things means I’ve got a strong tie to the city.

New York City has so much to offer for anything you are looking for. Upscale shopping, vintage shops, Central Park, the opera, museums, Broadway, artsy neighborhoods, gourmet restaurants, street food, you name it.

If you love musicals like me, then you need to check out a Broadway show! When I was young, my aunt used to take me to a Broadway show every year. As an adult now I have tried to keep it up!

Wicked - Broadway Musical

Want an amazing view of Central Park, midtown, and downtown? Go to the Top of the Rock!

Top of the Rock - Central Park View

Top of the Rock - Empire State Building View

Feel like going on a walk through a 1.45 mile-long linear public park? The High Line was created on an elevated section of a disused railroad.


Like museums? One of my favorite museums is The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fun fact, most of the museums in the city are actually free but suggest you make a donation. Since I fully support the arts I have no problem making a donation each time I go! And if you don’t want to pay for the food inside the museum you can always grab a hot dog or some other street food outside, eat on the steps and pretend you’re in Gossip Girl.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you’re in New York around the holidays then you’re in luck because Christmas time in the city is my favorite! The air is crisp, everyone (mostly) is cheery, and all the lights and decorations are beautiful! Stroll past the Macy’s and the Saks Fifth Avenue windows, see the tree at Rockefeller Center, marvel at all the lights, and take in the light show on the side of Saks too!

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Saks Light Show

NYC Tree Lined Christmas Lights

Looking for something quieter? Relax in a coffee shop, book store, or find a park in a less touristy area. If you’re in to the night life scene there are a ton of bars and lounges to check out too. There’s nothing like a rooftop bar in the summer with a stellar view of the city!

From all the different neighborhoods – Soho, Little Italy, Tribeca, Chelsea, the Village, Midtown, Upper West Side, etc. there is always something you can find that will interest you! I know I always have something to look forward to when I go in to the city.

Does your hometown or a place dear to you excite you too? wants to hear about it! Use #PostalCodePride and share your story!

*This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.*

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