Steak Sandwich

Steak Sandwich

Sometimes when I’m ordering from my local pizza place(s) I opt to get a steak sandwich instead of pizza. And sometimes I make my own steak sandwich at home. Today I thought I’d show you some pictures of the last time I made it!

I used thinly sliced beef from HMart (a Korean grocery store chain) which is used for bulgogi, peppers, onions, garlic, and mushrooms inside an italian roll. The thinly sliced meat is perfect for the sandwich because it’s so tender and the last thing you want when biting in to a sandwich is to be trying to tear the meat apart with your teeth.

Peppers + Onions + Mushrooms
Beef 1
Steak Sandwich Fillings
Steak Sandwich
Steak Sandwich 1
Steak Sandwich 2

Steak Sandwich 3
Steak Sandwich 4

I cooked everything separately in a cast iron skillet and then mixed it all together just seasoning with salt and pepper. I put the filling in the bread (adding some cheese to one of the halves) and put it in the oven until it was nice and toasty. So yummy and definitely less greasy than when you get it from outside!

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