Peddler's Village - Apple Festival

Peddler’s Village – Apple Festival

Last weekend I met up with a good friend and her baby at an apple festival in Pennsylvania. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect but it sounded like a fun, fall outing. I guess in my head I  thought there’d be, well, more apples. But I don’t think I actually saw any real apples aside from the caramel covered ones. Afterwards my friend and I said we should’ve known it wouldn’t have been as country/rural as we had in our minds since it was at Peddler’s Village which is a quaint little area with shops and restaurants.

Peddler's Village - Apple Festival

What was there, besides the shops and restaurants, were lots of apple foods such as apple pies (which apparently are so popular that they suggest you reserve one ahead of time), apple funnel cakes, apple dumplings, caramel applies, apple fritters, etc. There was also a little grassy area with lots of tables/tents to buy crafts as you typically see at fairs and festivals.

We walked around for a few hours, stopped in a few shops, ate some apple fritters (spoiler alert: they weren’t that good), and caramel apples.

Peddler's Village - Apple Festival 1
Peddler's Village - Apple Festival 2
Peddler's Village - Apple Festival 3
Peddler's Village - Apple Festival 4

So, I mentioned above that the apple fritters left something to be desired. The line was crazy! If you follow my instastories, you may have seen my video of the line. Anyway, the line moved pretty quickly and we got a little bag of hot apple fritters. They don’t look really appetizing, but we were really looking forward to sitting down and eating them.

Peddler's Village - Apple Festival - Apple Fritters

Okay, so the first one I ate wasn’t bad. There were some apple chunks inside so it was tasty. Unfortunately, the one my friend bit in to was oozing batter! Not cooked inside and disgusting for sure. The next one I tried had no apples inside and was basically just fried batter. So, it was a disappointment for sure but oh well.

Peddler's Village - Apple Festival Caramel Apples
Peddler's Village - Apple Festival Caramel Apples 1
Peddler's Village - Apple Festival Caramel Apples 2

My caramel apple was much better than the apple fritter, luckily!

Overall, it was a nice time just seeing my friend and her adorable baby and walking around the festival!

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