Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee
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Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee

Remember a few days ago I said I was feeling refreshed and recharged from the long weekend/days off from work? I wish I had a few more days! Mondays/the first day back after a break are always the hardest so I’m hoping today is pretty painless.

Today, I’m talking about the outfit I wore to the apple festival I went to at the beginning of this month. I’ve been a fan of tops with twisted details at the hem for a while now. It changes up the look of a simple tee or sweater so easily. It also reminds me of that whole, half tucked look which I can never master. I just cannot make it look as good as it does on seemingly everyone else on Instagram. It just does not look good on me or I’m totally doing it wrong. In any case, the beauty of the twisted tee is that it does all the work for you!

I wore this tee in the appropriately named shade “Sweet Pumpkin” with a khaki green bomber jacket, distressed denim leggings, and combat booties.

Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 4
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 5
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 6
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 7
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 8
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 9
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 10
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 11
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 12
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 1
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 2
Sweet Pumpkin Twisted Tee 3

Tee: LOFT | Bomber Jacket: American Eagle | Boots: DSW

I love how comfortable and stylish this outfit looked. It was the perfect outfit to stroll around Peddler’s Village for the festival. I was really comfortable and felt good at the same time. The bomber jacket and twisted tee made me think pumpkins and fall, for sure.

These distressed denim leggings are amazing. I bought them on sale for something like $10 on Nordstrom Rack over the summer and thought they’d be perfect for spring and fall. It also intrigued me that they were one size fits all! I had to have these magical pants. When you hold them up, they remind me of tights because they look kind of shrunken, but they’re so stretchy that I guess they can fit any size because they’ll just conform to any size and shape.

The combination of the distressing denim leggings, pumpkin twisted tee, khaki bomber, and combat booties turned out even better in real life than I had imagined in my mind.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

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