Mustard Floral Romper
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Mustard Floral Romper

After only 1 day back at work, I feel like I’m getting sick or just still run down. I’m hoping a couple night’s of solid sleep will help me out because I do not want to deal with being sick right now. With that being said, let me try to make this post short and sweet (although whenever I say that, my post ends up being even longer!)

I got this mustard yellow floral romper from Marshalls when on a shopping trip with a friend. I was on the hunt for a good mustard yellow piece for fall and saw this in the racks. I loved the color, floral print, and lattice detailing down the middle. They had my size (for those of you who have ever shopped at Marshalls know that it’s hard to find many multiples of a piece of clothing and they don’t always have every size) so I grabbed it and didn’t look back. Didn’t try it on either. So it came as a surprise to me when I went to iron it to wear that it was a romper and not, in fact, a tunic like I had thought! I seriously thought it was a mustard yellow tunic with a floral print and tie belt. I like it as a romper, but seriously – how cute would it be as a tunic?

Since it was actually a romper, I couldn’t wear it out and about in the fall with bare legs on the day I shot these photos – it was too cold! So I paired it with wine colored leggings and slouchy boots. It works.

Mustard Floral Romper 6
Mustard Floral Romper 7
Mustard Floral Romper 8
Mustard Floral Romper 1
Mustard Floral Romper
Mustard Floral Romper 2

Mustard Floral Romper 3
Mustard Floral Romper 4
Mustard Floral Romper 5
Mustard Floral Romper 11
Mustard Floral Romper 12
Mustard Floral Romper 13
Mustard Floral Romper 14
Mustard Floral Romper 9
Mustard Floral Romper 15

Romper: Marshalls | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Boots: DSW | Tank Top: LOFT

I love the lattice design down the center of the romper and along the sleeves. I have a tank top that matches perfectly so I wore it underneath the romper and it worked really well with the floral print. The large sleeves are really fun, although a little cumbersome when I was out to dinner that night, but fun nonetheless. My leggings were darker than the pinks and berry colors in the romper, but that worked out for the better because it’s nice to have the darker contrast for the bottoms.

Although this outfit isn’t what I had originally had in mind when I bought it, I ended up making it work and loving it.

Have you ever made a similar mistake with an item you bought?

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