In recent years people have been more open to talking about their health and mental health. It’s been great to see the stigma of talking about our health has slowly been lifted. It can be hard to know who to talk to when something is bothering us or even figure out how to communicate it.

I’ve collaborated with Slater and Gordon to discuss the idea of talking about our health -#ImTalkingHealth. It’s interesting to see that 57% people polled said they would be willing to talk to family or friends about their health. This makes sense because our friends and family are the ones we tend to trust the most, but that’s still only a little more than half, which means a good number of people still wouldn’t open up to their loved ones. Personally, I know I have a hard time sometimes putting in to words or sharing how I’m feeling. Knowing something is off internally and verbalizing it are two different things. And then there’s sometimes the matter of finding someone to listen.

62% of people are more likely to research their symptoms online rather than seek the advice of a professional. I think this is due to a few different reasons. One reason is the time we live in. Everything is a click away or at our fingertips, why wouldn’t we look up our symptoms? This leads to my second reason which is that many people don’t want to share their health issues whether its out of shame or pride or anything else so people would rather quietly look things up on their own rather than talk to someone about it.


But it’s not always about knowing who to reach out to when we’re not feeling well physically, mentally, or emotionally; sometimes people do reach out for help and things go wrong and they don’t know who to turn to. It’s important to know what supports and professionals are available for any kind of health issue or concern you may have. It’s equally important to know health solutions are not a one size fits all and despite seeking professional help it may not be the best fit for you so you should know your options, especially if you’re feeling mistreated.

Slater and Gordon are available to help you navigate through any issues you may have so check them out at for more info because our health is something we shouldn’t take for granted!

We only have one life to live so we need to take care of ourselves!


*This post is a collaboration but all opinions are my own.*

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