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Jade Roller

Have you guys been keeping up with what I’m up to on vacation on Instagram/my Instastories? I’m writing this post ahead of time before I get on the plane so I’m assuming that by now I’ve gotten to post on Instastories while overseas, so if I haven’t just ignore that and check back soon!

Have you used a jade roller? I’ve been hearing about these for about a year, first seeing them in skincare articles and then seeing people use them on social media. I had really wanted to try one, but didn’t get around to buying one for myself. Until now.

I was looking for a birthday present for my friend who had just had her 2nd baby and I decided to do a whole “at-home spa night/self-care” theme. I got her a jade roller, an assortment of sheet masks, lip balm. And while I was at it, I picked up a jade roller for myself too, of course!

Jade RollerJade Roller 1

Jade rollers are cool to the touch and feel so refreshing on your skin. I’ve heard it feels amazing if you stick it in the freezer, but I haven’t done that yet. The larger side is for the bigger areas of your face, i.e. your cheeks, neck, forehead. The smaller side is perfect for the side of your nose, upper lip, under eyes. So what is the purpose of using a jade roller? There are supposedly a few benefits. The cool jade is refreshing on your face and the massaging via the rolling helps increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. This helps to de-puff your face and I’ve read that it also boosts collagen production. As you get older you begin to produce less collagen and that’s how you get more fine lines, etc. So by using the jade roller and simply rolling it on your face in upward/outward motions you’re helping to de-puff and improve circulation which means you may get less breakouts because you’re boosting lymphatic drainage. I also have gotten more acne marks in the past year, which is super annoying. A boost in collagen production helps with cell turnover so that can possibly help with scarring.

You typically use the roller after your serums to help your skin absorb it in more since you’re massaging it in to your face.

I had seen so many people on social media talk about how they could feel the difference whenever theyΒ didn’tΒ use their jade roller. I love the feel of using mine but I wasn’t sure if I could really tell a difference at first. In fact, there were a few days where I’d forget to use it or in-between my moving I just wouldn’t use it. But then, I didn’t use it for almost a week and my face felt puffy and inflamed. This might not have been related – it could’ve been allergies or hormones, but when I started using the jade roller again the next day I definitely felt better and my skin felt/looked healthier.

Is it just in my mind? Maybe. Could other factors play a role? Possibly. But, I enjoy using it and there are so many affordable jade rollers out there that it’s worth a try in my opinion.

So this is my last pre-written/pre-scheduled blog post that I have put together prior to leaving for vacation. If all goes according to plan I’ll have a post up tomorrow about my travel day to destination #1!

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