Hummus Flatbread Sandwich

Hummus & Flatbread Sandwich

Okay, so this isn’tΒ really a sandwich, but I didn’t know what else to call it. Last summer (I think it was last summer), I was at my friends’ house for dinner. They grilled some dinner for the 2 or 3 of us that came over. One of the things my friend made was aΒ  little hummus filled flatbread with onions and diced tomato. He spread hummus on the flatbread, added some onions and tomato, put another piece of flatbread on top, wrapped it in foil, and put on the grill. It was really good! So I had to recreate it at home. These photos are from the last time I made it, which was a while ago.

I did make some changes from what my friend originally did. I added bell peppers and I put it in the oven instead of the grill. One of my flatbread pieces cracked, but I just rolled with it because it doesn’t really matter in the end.

FlatbreadHummusBell PepperHummus Flatbread SandwichHummus Flatbread Sandwich 1Hummus Flatbread Sandwich 2Hummus Flatbread Sandwich 3Hummus Flatbread Sandwich 4Hummus Flatbread Sandwich 5Hummus Flatbread Sandwich 6

This is so good and would make for a great light meal or to serve as appetizers.

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