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Sitka Salmon Shares + Black Bass Red Curry

It’s always fun to get some complimentary items due to blogging, but it’s extra fun when it’s food related.Β Sitka Salmon Shares sent me a complimentary box of seafood! Sitka Salmon Shares sends you fish and seafood straight from the fishermen and it’s all caught in Alaska and in the North Pacific. In fact, the packaging of your fish will tell you who caught it! The way Sitka Salmon Shares works is you buy a share. Meaning, you choose how many months share you want (for example a 4 months salmon share or a 7 months premium seafood share) and each month you will receive a box of seafood! Each piece is vacuum-sealed and blast frozen and sent to you immediately!

Each box also includes recipes to give you ideas of what you can make with the seafood in your box.

In my box I received salmon, cod, and black bass.

Sitka Salmon Shares 3Sitka Salmon Shares 1Sitka Salmon Shares 2

This past Sunday, I made the black bass they sent me and even used the recipe they sent along! I made the Black Bass Red Curry. It was good! The only thing I would do differently next time is put a little less coconut cream in it because it was a bit too sweet. But otherwise, it was delicious. The fish tasted great and really fresh.

Sitka Salmon Shares - recipesSitka Salmon Shares - recipes 1Diced OnionsBlack Bass Red Curry 6Black Bass 6Black Bass Red Curry 5Black Bass Red Curry 4Black Bass Red Curry 3Black BassBlack Bass 1Black Bass Red CurryBlack Bass Red Curry 1Black Bass Red Curry 2

I can’t wait to make more of the fish from the box!

Thanks Sitka Salmon Shares for this incredible box of seafood! And I have a discount code for you guys. If you want to buy a share, you can use codeΒ LATJ19 for $25 from now through 5/31!

*This box was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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