Have We Got Our Priorities Wrong When It Comes To Self Care?

When we talk about good health what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? A healthy diet? Plenty of exercise? Plates full of leafy greens and toned bodies striding confidently on treadmills? A lean, toned abdomen, glossy silky hair, bright, sparkling eyes, clear radiant skin and pristine white teeth? While these are all signifiers of good health, they have also caused us to value a healthy and attractive appearance over health beneath the surface. In this image obsessed age, it’s not enough to be healthy, we have to look healthy. And if we’re given the choice we’ll take looking healthy over being healthy any day of the week.

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This can see us packing ourselves into gyms only to be met with frustration, failure and a fundamental lack of interest. It can see us spend a fortune on fresh produce that wilts in the refrigerator when we need to comfort eat our way through a large stuffed crust-pizza? 

Why? Because we’re too preoccupied by what’s on the surface and not giving enough care and attention to the apparatus beneath. Thus, we can find ourselves spending a fortune on skin care creams but don’t know where to find an urgent care physician when we need one. We can spend a fortune on dubious detox teas but not drink enough water. With this in mind, here are some ways in which we can address the more forgotten aspects of health and self care…


Learn to love cooking
Healthy eating shouldn’t be a means to an end. Seeing it this way is the fastest way to find yourself reaching for your Uber Eats app and dining on fast food burgers and fries. Instead, learn to love healthy food because it’s delicious. And part of that is learning to love cooking. Cooking and eating homemade food is a joy that far too few people and families seem to afford themselves these days.


Go to bed (and get up) earlier
That old rhyme about being early to bed and early to rise? That’s good advice for everyone, not just young kids. Waking up early allows you to get into a positive mindset, and maybe even practice a little yoga or go for a jog before your working day begins. Likewise, going to bed earlier gives you more time for your body and mind to wind down and allow you to drift off to healthy restorative sleep.


Practice Mindfulness meditation
Life moves so fast these days. With so much clamoring for our attention it seems as though days go by in the blink of an eye and weeks feel like hours. It can feel as though our lives are slipping away from us and this does absolutely nothing for our stress levels. If this seems achingly familiar, try practicing mindfulness meditation. It’s a great way of helping to slow the world down and get some much needed perspective on life and its myriad challenges. 


Spend quality time with friends
Finally, our busy 21st century lifestyles can push us into a solitary existence. But quality interaction with friends and family is as important to your health as a dozen bowls of quinoa! Make time to see the people who matter most with you and don’t mistake online interactions or phone calls with being sociable! 

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