Summer Events – Wow With A Hog Roast


We’re always looking for different ways to celebrate and when events like birthdays come once a year, every year, it can be hard to keep things fresh. If you’re looking for something different this year, how amazing do pig roasts sound? They make quite a spectacle.

A hog roast can evoke a former time, when our ancestors had to hunt for their food. Think of the visual display and the tantalising aromas of freshly roasted meat and your mouth is guaranteed to start watering. A hog roast can be a time-consuming pursuit, but it can also be extremely rewarding – whether you hire someone or try to do it yourself. It has become more and more popular over the years, offering a real people-orientated event – especially if you’re doing it yourself. It’s a barbecue on a larger, grander scale and your friends and guests will definitely want to help with the cooking. 

There’s a real camaraderie involved when you take this task on yourself; but if you want to make sure things are done to a professional standard, then getting in a chef to help out is advisable. The extra cost for that peace of mind is worth it, and you’re left free to mingle with your guests. Also, many caterers will take charge of sourcing the best, freshest meat, so you don’t need to worry about that aspect. All you’ll need to know is how many people are there, and your chef will recommend the size of the pig they need for your event. They’ll also clean up – after all, nobody likes that bit! Some even offer side dishes. You simply need to make sure there are drinks available and some desserts. Why not go for a sticky toffee pudding? I love this homemade caramel sauce, which would work well with it, or with a vanilla cheesecake. Or, if you want something fruity, Eton Mess is an easy option!


A Spectacular Idea For Summer Festivals
When you think about barbecues at festivals, you tend to think of cheap burgers and hot dogs – hardly inspiring. If you’re hosting a festival, why not consider something different? Providing delicious and quality hog roasts will ensure people are fed – and fed well – and will remember your event for the food as well as the entertainment.

Whether it’s a music festival or a summer corporate occasion, the catering is critical. No matter how top-notch the whole event is, poor refreshments will cast a pall over everything else. There’s nothing more disappointing than a limp supermarket burger. Why not provide something as spectacular as your event? For a lot of people, the thought of tender, juicy pork is a mouth-watering prospect. So a hog roast is a perfect accompaniment for any occasion. 

Hog roasts really introduce the ‘wow’ factor to any event. The sight of the meat rotating on a spit evokes medieval times. However, add fresh bread rolls, a range of sauces and accompaniments such as salads, potatoes and coleslaw and you have a modern-day feast fit for any audience. If you are confident in your festival or event staff’s abilities, you can hire the equipment and buy in the meat and ‘do it yourself’. However, for that professional touch, it’s often worth asking your caterer to run the show for you so that everything goes to plan.

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