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Unforgettable Party Ideas For Your Bonfire Night!

One of the best nights of the year is Bonfire Night. Wherever you are in the world, it signifies the end of the summer and truly moves you toward the colder months of the year. Sitting around with the best people you know with a fire in front of you and fireworks scheduled to go off? It’s so much fun!

Bonfire Night is one of the best nights of the year if you love the colder weather and you love spending time with friends and family. You don’t even have to celebrate Guy Fawkes to enjoy it! With the crackling fire, the delicious food and the promise of sparklers, this is the one party of the year you really don’t want to miss! So, with this in mind, we’ve got some amazing ideas to make your party go off with a bang.

Heart-shaped Fireworks

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  • You Need Snuggly Blankets. To enjoy a proper bonfire night, you need to have as many snuggly blankets as possible to get all wrapped up! The chances are that you will be out in the cold for some time. Blankets to wrap around yourself while you are watching the fireworks are a must and it adds to the cosy feel of the evening. They’re awesome additions for extra warmth!
  • Sparklers Are A Must. Fireworks are amazing on Bonfire Night, but sparklers really make the evening! Always keep a sand bucket to one side for sparklers that have gone out, and you’ll be able to dispose of them properly. Always have gloves on for when you use sparklers to make it a little safer while you are outside and enjoying yourself.
  • Comfort Food Is Go. You need to find the best BBQ ribs recipe possible and plan a range of hot and tasty snacks to warm everyone from the inside! Stuffed potato skins and hot dogs are always a winner for a fireworks party. Always set out cutlery and plates so that people are equipped, and don’t forget the sauces, too. You need a good range of toppings and sauces set out, too. Food has to be the comfort item of the night, and a barbecue is a must! Let’s not forget the toasted marshmallows, too. It’s a tradition, and all you need is a pack of skewers and giant marshmallows to toast over the fire.
  • Ear Protection. While you are having fun with friends, you have to consider protecting your ears from the loud bangs about to commence. Fireworks are not quiet and you need to make sure that you are not going to damage your hearing or the hearing of anyone else. Offering your guests some noise-cancelling headphones means that they can watch the beauty of the fireworks without hearing the huge noises that come with it. 

Bonfire Night is a night that doesn’t have to be forgettable, so invite your friends and family and get decorating! It’s important that you enjoy every moment of the night, so plan it well and you will be able to!

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