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Achieve That Fresh Faced Look With These Steps


Achieving a beautiful fresh faced makeup look each day is something we all want to do. Making our skin look youthful and glowing is a great thing and a wearable look like this is something we should all know how to achieve. 

Today we want to guide you through the process of creating the most stunning makeup look that is classic, simple, and easy to achieve in a short space of time. 

Prep the skin 

The first step to creating any makeup look is prepping the skin to ensure it is a blank and smooth canvas. You can buy CBD Oil here and add a few drops to the skin to help freshen the face as well as smooth out any tension in your face which can reduce wrinkles. Apply a serum to brighten up your skin and consider a simple moisturiser that will add some softness to the skin making application of foundation much easier for you. 

Apply bb cream 

The next stage is to choose a foundation or cream to apply over the skin. For a flawless natural look you don’t want to choose a high coverage foundation and therefore a simple bb cream can be the right answer for you. This won’t add too much colour to the skin but it will help to even out your complexion and get rid of redness. At this point you can also apply a brightening concealer under the eyes. 

Use a translucent powder 

Once you have applied your foundation and concealer it is time for you to consider powder. When choosing the right pressed powder for your face, translucent powder is always the best option because it will not add extra colour to the skin and create patches. A translucent powder will simply get rid of any oil and shine and leave you with a simple matte canvas to work with. 

Go light on shimmer 

Shimmer is something that is tempting to add to the face in abundance but if you are looking for a natural look, you should choose low shimmer or matte products for the most part to keep things simple. A light shimmer on the inner corner of the eye can help add some brightness but this doesn’t need to be applied anywhere else on the face as it will overpower your look. 

Apply a rosey blush 

The key to a beautiful natural look is creating some youthful rosey cheeks without the stark pink colour. Find yourself a simple rose colour and when you apply this to your brush, tap most of it off before you even touch your face. Work very lightly adding the tiniest amount of blush to the face and this will add an air of youthfulness without going over the top. 

Use brown mascara 

To make your face look as natural as you can you should be avoiding bold colours such as black. That’s why choosing a brown mascara instead is a great choice and it will allow you to look fresh and youthful but will also give your lashes a lift and create those doll eyes. 

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