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Flower Bridge Sweatshirt

Have you been watching the Olympics? I love watching and some of the events/wins/losses make me so emotional! Anyway, my post today isn’t about the Olympics, it’s about this flower bridge sweatshirt. A couple months ago, my cousin shared this Asian American clothing brand with me called Ni De Mama. I was browsing their sweatshirts and saw this pink one with a really pretty flower bridge embroidered patch. I loved the design and the caption made me laugh. Here’s the description for the sweatshirt: “”How do you say ‘flower bridge’ in Cantonese?” When you want to look cute but hate everyone around you…we got you. Burn all the bridges you want. And if they don’t understand Cantonese? We’ll cross that (flower) bridge when we get there. :)” If you know, you know haha.

Sweatshirt: Ni De Mama

Isn’t the design so pretty? I will definitely purchase some other items from them in the future!

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