Peloton Annual Challenge: 2,000 Minutes

I don’t know why, but it took me longer to get to 2,000 minutes in the Peloton Annual Challenge this year. I thought I’d be ahead of last year since last spring I had been sick with Covid and wasn’t able to work out for a little bit. I didn’t work out any less days than last year, but I think maybe I did less 30 minute rides this year than I did last year. I think this year I was mostly doing 20 minute rides during the weekdays. Anyway, I made it to 2,000 minutes!

I’m still trying to be better about doing more off-bike exercising and have started – key word being started – to do foam rolling classes. I forgot how much foam rolling hurts! But, I know it’s good for you and Hannah Corbin – one of my fav Peloton instructors – teaches the classes and is always touting the benefits of it.

Activewear: Jockey (here) & (here) | Foam Roller: Target (here) | Yoga Mat: Target (here)

I think it’s supposed to not hurt as much the more you do it so hopefully soon I’ll be a pro at it lol.

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  • JackOnDaRocks

    Last year was my first year participating in the Annual Challenge. Though I did not start until May, I was pleased to finish the year with around 5K minutes achieved. This year I am crushing it, compared to last year. I am now approaching 7K and it is almost August. Super excited to continue participating in this and hearing from other great Peloton Members like yourself. Keep it up! You’re doing great!

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