February 2023 Book Favorites

Like every month I read so many good books in February. Some were better and more memorable than others, but there weren’t any I disliked or hated. It was tough to narrow it down and I originally had more on my list, but really had to cut it down to the ones I absolutely loved.

My top favorites in February, in no particular order:

  • The Soulmate Equation – I just finished this over the weekend and loved it so much more than I was expecting to.
  • Finale – The last book in the Caraval series and it was so good. I love Dante & Tella and Scarlett and Julian!
  • Once Upon a Broken Heart – The Caraval series led me to the spinoff series starting with Once Upon a Broken Heart. It was so whimsical and fun and I’m starting to see the hype about Jacks.
  • Things We Never Got Over – I finished this last week and I am still obsessed with it. The grumpy sunshine trope was so good here and I am in love with Knox and Naomi. I can’t wait to read book 2.
  • Set On You – I loved the storyline to this and that the main character is curvy and half asian! This book actually made me really want to work out too haha.
  • Exes & O’s – This is a follow up to Set On You and follows Crystal’s sister, Tara. I loved this one because it was so funny and adorable. And she’s a bookstagrammar so it was so entertaining for me! The forced proximity in this one was perfection.
  • Haunting Adeline – The Cat & Mouse duet are definitely the darkest romance books I’ve read so far, but I couldn’t put them down and I love Zade. If you are okay with the tropes and triggers, it is so good.
  • Hunting Adeline – This one is darker than Haunting Adeline but the healing part of it in the second half was really good and I loved the unconditional love between Zade and Addie.
  • Twisted – I just finished this yesterday and my review will be up tomorrow. It is the 4th book in Emily Mcintire’s Never After series and I loved it. I think it’s my new favorite from the series!

If you missed it last month, I’m doing the book bracket this year to find out what my top read of the year will end up being. My top read of the month ended up being Things We Never Got Over.

Did you have any book or books you absolutely loved in March?

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