Book Review: Kiss the Sky

Kiss the Sky is the technically the fourth book in the Addicted series and first book in the Calloway Sisters series. It’s a continuation of the Addicted series, but centers around Rose Calloway and Connor Cobalt instead of Lily and Lo, although Lily and Lo are prominent in the storyline.

Kiss the Sky picks up shortly after the ending of Addicted for Now. The world knows about Lily and Lo’s addictions, their parents are forcing them to get married (even though they are in love and want to get married one day they don’t necessarily want to get married because they have to and at 22) to help boost the stocks of their respective companies, Lily and Lo are doing a lot better with their addictions but obviously it’s still a difficult process, and Rose’s fashion line Calloway Couture has taken a hit due to the family scandal.

The novel begins with Rose signing a deal with a major network to have her and the core 6 star in a reality show. The thought process is that the show will make the Calloways and Hales gain favor in the public eye again. Rose, Connor, Lily, Lo, Ryke, and Daisy will all live in a house together and cameras will follow them everywhere except the bathrooms and bedrooms. But the show might end up doing more harm than good because the producers can edit and skew things to however they want to create drama and sensationalize things for ratings. Will they survive 6 months with cameras following them around?

I was so excited to read this book because I love Rose and Connor and I loved it as I predicted. I love the banter between Rose and Connor and getting inside their heads. In the first 3 books, Rose and Connor were so interesting, but there was always so many moments where you wonder what they’re whispering about or when they’re speaking in French to each other or what’s going through their minds. They’re both extremely smart and seem to be the only ones who understand each other completely and I love it. They both go through a lot of things independently and as a couple, but I love that nothing can shake them. There’s no third act breakup, they go through everything together (which is a change from previous books when they were constantly breaking up over disagreements and getting back together the next day) and everything that gets thrown at them only makes them stronger. Their trust in each other helps them each break down the walls they have and it’s so beautiful to see. They’re a for sure power couple! The banter, love, spice between them is chef’s kiss!

I love these two rivals to lovers and can’t wait to read more of their story. I think book 5 is about Ryke and Daisy first though!

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