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Last weekend I went in to the city with one of my best friends to have dinner and see & Juliet on Broadway. It was supposed to be rainy all day, but luckily it was only drizzle/light rain when we were walking around the city – the heaviest rain being when I was driving to the train station. We ate an early dinner at The Independent and then walked over to the theater for the show.

We shared the crispy duck spring rolls as an appetizer. I had the smoked pork belly blt as my main and the key lime cheesecake for dessert.

Then, it was off to the show. & Juliet was so good! It was funny, entertaining, and the music will have you wanting to dance in your seat and sing along (however, the program tells you not to sing along with the actors haha). The musical follows Shakespeare and his wife, Anne, as they fight over how Romeo & Juliet should end. Anne thinks Juliet should live because she’s young and has had one boyfriend, why would she kill herself over Romeo? So Juliet doesn’t die and instead goes with her friends and nurse on an adventure to find herself. The music is all 90s/2000s pop music by songwriter, Max Martin. So songs like “I Want it That Way”, “Domino”, “Roar”, etc.

The musical ended around 10:30 and we walked quickly back to Penn Station to try to make the 10:50 something train so we wouldn’t have to wait for the 11:17. Well, we made it on time, but there were no trains leaving New York to go to NJ from Penn Station that night due to overhead lines being down! We had to dash over to the Path Station and take the Path to Newark Penn (along with hundreds of other people. To say I was squished on the Path train is an understatement). Then from Newark Penn I had to catch a train back home. So instead of getting home by like midnight, I didn’t get home til after 2am! It was a tiring trip home, but I made it and & Juliet was so good that even though the trip home was less than ideal it was still a good night!

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve been listening to the soundtrack nonstop!

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