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    Happy Thanksgiving!

      Thanksgiving Table by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring Fitz and Floyd Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and readers! The table in the set above is not my Thanksgiving table, but I wish it was! I dream to have an immaculately decorated table like that one day. Candles, perfect little bouquets, gorgeous china and stemware, and the little bare trees definitely lend to the fall/winter feel. Hopefully one day! In the meantime here in reality, I want to express my thanks and gratitude for all of you. I love blogging and no words can describe how happy I am that I began this journey a year and a half ago. But, what…

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    Color Challenge: Moss Green and Rust

      Color Challenge: Moss Green and Rust by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring chevron throw pillows Last month, Polyvore had a home decor color challenge featuring rust and moss green. These two colors are amazing right now for two reasons. 1) Rust and Moss Green are perfect colors for autumn. 2) You’re probably sick of hearing it, but the 70s are back and the combination of these two earthy tones just scream 70s to me. ***** I put together this home decor set highlighting the two colors and tried not to be too “in your face” about the colors. The easiest way to incorporate the colors is with the couch and accent pillows.…

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      Glamping by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a rustic tree I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you aren’t all dreading this Monday too much! Today, I’ve got a little collage/set for you of a few pictures of glamping. If you don’t know what glamping is, it is glamorous camping. Glam + Camping = Glamping! ***** I’m going to start this off by telling you all, in case you didn’t already know, I hate camping. I am one of those people who just cannot “rough it”. This isn’t to say I hate nature though. I’m all for spending a day outside somewhere picturesque or going for a hike. But I cannot…

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    Seaside Resort

      Seaside Resort by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring Stanley Furniture It’s just about the middle of the week and it’s my last week of summer break. Excuse me while I go sob… Okay, I’m back. I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone and I’m definitely not ready to get back to work on Monday. I have a week of inservice and then school officially starts on the 1st. ***** While I savor these last few days of summer, I’m going to imagine that I’m on vacation at a seaside resort today. Some seaside hotels are a bit old and smelly from all the dampness is my guess. But in today’s dream,…

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    Decorate with Flowers

    Decorate with Flowers by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring flowered sofas You know I love flowers and floral prints in my fashion, but how about decorating with flowers? That’s an obvious yes! But you need to be careful with the florals when decorating because there’s a fine line between beautiful floral accents in interior design and an explosion of floral patterns that makes it look like you live in a potpourri dish. In this set, I chose a sofa that has a large leaf/floral pattern but it is in white and grey so it gives a very classic and understated look instead of bold, bright floral patterns in your face. You can also…

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    Summer Bedding

    We often talk about how our wardrobe changes with the seasons, but something I’m sure we all change up and don’t talk about nearly as much is bedding. In the winter, I love love lots of blankets and layers. I’m always cold and I love snuggling up with blankets – plural. In the summer, I still like snuggling up with blankets, but obviously lighter weight blankets. So off comes the down blanket and fleece blanket….and flannel sheets and I switch it up with a light quilt, regular sheets and thermal blanket. In fact, I Instagrammed a shot of my new floral quilt a few weeks ago. This isn’t the Instagram picture,…

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    Al Fresco Dining

    Al Fresco Dining by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a salad serving set The summer weather is here and that means more outdoor dining! You know, when it’s nice and warm out not when it’s unbearably hot, humid and gross out. When I think of outdoor dining at home, apart from grilling, I think of light, refreshing foods such as salads and fruits. I don’t have a pool at home, but how amazing does that view look in the set I put together? Add some fresh flowers in a simple glass vase, pretty tableware, and a homemade juice concoction and you have a relaxing and beautiful al fresco meal on your hands!

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    Home Decor: Wood and Metal

    Wood and Metal by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a black bulletin board It’s been a while since I wrote up an interior design post. A few weeks ago Polyvore had a challenge to incorporate Wood & Metal in the home. I think I’ve said this before, but one of my favorite rooms in a house is the kitchen. It’s where you cook and more importantly eat, which is one of my favorite past times. It’s also a great gathering point for family and friends where everyone can talk and laugh over food or coffee etc. ***** This kitchen is a little different than any I’ve posted before (I have one or two others…

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    Neon Home Office

    Neon Home Office by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a swivel chair With all the powdery, white snow outside my window, I thought I’d liven things up with some neon colors. I love so many different interior design styles that I think I need to have multiple houses to do all the different types of styles I like. Or else I’ll be spending a lot of money to redecorate/redesign all the time! In this set, I kept things crisp and modern with white furniture, but bright desk accessories such as highlighters, Post-It Notes, desk lamp and candle. It’s a fun office environment to help brighten up the task of having to get work…

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    Winter Cabin

    Winter Cabin by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a wooden mirror I originally was going to post this evening about my new rain boots, but since today’s a snowy day here where I live I thought I’d save that for another day. We didn’t get nearly enough snow to get an early dismissal, but I did get to go home right after the students left instead of having to stay for another hour like we’re normally supposed to so that was nice. Although, we didn’t get significant amounts of snow, it is, however, pretty cold out there so it made me think of this Polyvore set I made a few weeks ago on a…