Sigma Beauty Birthday Haul

My birthday was a few weeks ago and while I’m not thrilled to be getting older, I do use my birthday as an excuse to spoil myself a bit. I’ve been a fan of Sigma Beauty products for a few years now. They have great quality makeup and their brushes are amazing. I don’t order from them often, maybe once or twice a year, but when I do I try to make it count. Usually the things I want to get from Sigma aren’t on sale and their free shipping requirements are crazy. Seriously – you have to spend $1,000 to get free shipping. What?!?! So when I got an email from Sigma offering me 20% off for my birthday and at the same time they were running a promotion for free shipping on orders over something like $30 for the month of August only, I was all over that naturally. It was like it was meant to be!

Months ago (I think back in January), Sigma launched new collections. First, their Enlight Collection which featured various products including the Warm Neutrals Palette and shortly after they launched their Born to Be Collection which includes their Smokescreen Palette amongst their other collection products. The collections looked awesome and I was really lusting after them, but they were pricey and I didn’t want everything in the collections, just some of the items so I decided it would be better for me to buy the items separately so I could pick and choose which collection items I wanted (and not necessarily all at once) and save a little money. But I couldn’t decideΒ when to order – there were so many other things on my ever growing wish list. I mentioned back in my Sephora VIB event haul postΒ that I have this thing where ifΒ I like something and it’s limited edition it makes me buy it that much faster. So I took to Twitter to find out if these new items were limited edition or not.

IMG_1735I jumped for joy and breathed a sigh of relief! Now I didn’t have to buy it right away (though I probably didn’t imagine I would be waiting 8 months to get them!). Also, can I express how much I love when brands respond and interact with regular people like little old me on social media?! P.S. If you don’t already, please follow me on Twitter!

With my birthday offer from Sigma and the August promotion of free shipping on orders over $30 or whatever it was that was a ton less than the regular $1,000, I ordered a few things.

IMG_1758I got the Warm Neutrals Palette, the Smokescreen Palette, blush in Born To, and the F35 Tapered Highlighter.

Of course, there’s other items I want to get from Sigma, and it will probably take me another couple of months to put that order in, but we’ll see. Maybe there’ll be a holiday offer!

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