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Winter Glow

Winter Glow
It’s freezing today! So windy and cold and tonight the real feel (factoring in wind chill etc.) is supposed to be -20 degrees fahrenheit! You read that right, negative 20! This cold snap is no joke! It’s supposed to warm up a bit by the weekend, but for now I’m absolutely freezing. Moving on, sometimes when you come in from the cold, your cheeks are rosy and you have this glowing, fresh look to you. Sometimes. Other times you’re shivering and the wind’s been having a field day with your hair and there are times when it’s so cold out that you don’t even know if your nose is running or not. It’s in these other times that we need a little a lot of extra help to achieve this winter glow especially when for many of us this cold weather leaves our skin much drier than usual.


In my set, I chose 2 products from the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector line – the pressed powder in the shade “Moonstone” and the liquid in “Pearl”. Highlighters are essential to creating that winter glow look – or a glow at any time of year. These are two extremely popular items and while I do own the BECCA pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector and it’s as amazing as people say, I don’t own the liquid but I’ve heard rave reviews for that as well and would love to try it myself. Other great pressed highlighters are theBalm’s Mary Lou-Manizer, bareMinerals Luminizer (the one I currently use although I think it may have been limited edition) and countless others. Other great cream/liquid ones are Benefit’s High Beam, Benefit’s Watts Up among others. I’m currently using the L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer, which is technically a face primer but it is so pearlescent that I find it much better suited as a highlight.

If you want that glow to stick around for as long as possible during the day then it’s important to always set your creams and liquids with a powder. What I do is dot the liquid highlight on the tops of my cheekbones with my fingers and then use a brush to tap it into my skin. I get a nice glow going and then I top it off with a light dusting of a pressed highlight and I have a beautiful glow to last me for most of the day. I find that gives me a gorgeous, every day glow so it’s nothing too in your face for work or anything. If it’s a special event or a night out, I’ll build it up some more for a much more noticeable look but that’s totally up to you!

Do you have any go-to glowy products? Do share as I always love trying out products! 

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