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Gold Details

My gold kick hasn’t subsided yet so I’m still very much all about the gold. The other night I decided to incorporate gold details into my whole look for an evening out.

First, I wore these ankle zip skinny jeans. They are a semi-dark wash with adorable gold zippers at the ankles.


Then, I wore this black and white striped top with gold sequin details on the shoulders.


The gold on the shoulders, or any shoulder details for that matter, definitely add a little something to an outfit. It dresses up the look and takes it from casual to dressy. The shoulder details are on both shoulders but my hair is covering the other side. The gold sequins eliminate the need for a necklace since the top is blinged out enough. 



Last, but not least, I wore a stretchy rose gold bracelet that I got for Christmas.

Top: Loft
Jeans: Express
Bracelet: Charming Charlie (Christmas Gift)

Why is my hand at an angle you ask? Well if I hold my arm straight down for too long this little beauty falls off my little baby wrists. Hopefully I don’t lose it! So I’m happy with all these little gold details in my look this past Saturday night. I think they were all subtle enough to not be too overwhelming in my opinion!

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