Pancakes with Bacon

Yes, the post title is called pancakes with bacon, not and. A few weeks ago I was scouring the Internet for some new breakfast ideas and I saw quite a few good ones, but most of them all had ingredients that I was missing. Then, I saw these pancakes with strips of bacon inside them. I had all the ingredients for my pancakes and I had bacon. Perfect! I love pancakes and I love bacon and normally I would eat them at the same breakfast meal anyway but this was just something different to try out.

If you already know how to make pancakes then this recipe is super simple. All you need to do is make your pancake batter like normal but use a little less milk (or water if that’s what you use) than normal so that the batter is less runny. Ladle some batter into your skillet in a longer shape instead of a circle so that you can lay the strips of bacon.


I cooked the bacon beforehand and then cut or ripped them in half. After ladling the batter into the skillet I laid the bacon strips on top.


Then, put some more batter on top to cover the bacon.


When the bottom is golden and ready to be flipped go ahead and flip the pancake like you normally would.


That’s it! So simple! Serve with butter and syrup or powder sugar or however you like to eat your pancakes!


Mmm now I’m craving pancakes. And bacon. And butter.

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