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Keeping Cozy in Fair Isle

I spoke too soon yesterday when I said that after some hot weather last week maybe it was finally time to put the scarves away because the latest weather forecast says there may be a rain/snow mix this weekend! In the meantime, it’s another mild weather day today, but not too long ago we were in a deep freeze with subzero temperatures. During one of those frigid days, I wore this thick fair isle sweater which kept me so warm and cozy.

Cozy Fair Isle 3
Cozy Fair Isle 2
Cozy Fair Isle 1
Cozy Fair Isle

When I first got this fair isle sweater from Victoria’s Secret, I was a little hesitant on whether I would like it or not and wondered whether I should send it back. As soon as you hold it up you can feel just how heavy the sweater is. I wondered whether it would be comfortable since it seemed so heavy and thick. Sure, I loved the colors and the print looked really nice, but would I enjoy wearing it? The answer is yes! As mentioned earlier, I wore it on one of those days last month where it was absolutely freezing out and it kept me nice and cozy. Despite being thick, it never felt like too much material and it’s also fairly soft for such a thick knit – you would think it might be a bit course, but it’s not! Although when you hold it up it feels heavy, it does not feel heavy when you’re wearing it so that’s a huge bonus.

This fair isle sweater was definitely a worthwhile purchase. Staying warm while wearing a cute sweater? Sounds like a win-win to me!

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