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Photo Challenge: One Love

Happy Photo Challenge Friday! It’s been a weird week. On the one hand it feels like the week went by quickly and on the other hand it felt like it took forever. This could possibly be because I felt like I kept losing track of the days this week. In any case, it’s now Friday and I’m here with my photo response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge! This week the challenge was “One Love“.

Now, if you’re a regular follower of my blog and/or my photo challenge posts you may be tired of me using archived photos from past trips to Hawaii. Well, if that’s the case, I’m sorry to tell you today’s photo response is another shot from Hawaii. What can I say, the beautiful islands are just that photogenic. This particular photo is from a few years ago when I went to Maui. The photo below is a side view of the chapel, the Wailea Seaside Chapel, on the grounds of the resort I stayed at – the Grand Wailea. I have a photo that shows the whole chapel which is beautiful, but I chose this one which just shows a small section of it because I love that you can see the little pond around the chapel, the palm trees, and the ocean in the distance.

Wailea Seaside Chapel - Maui

Besides the obvious reasons of choosing this photo because it’s of a place I love – Hawaii – and the idea of a chapel in paradise where I’m sure tons of weddings take place, there is another reason I chose this photo to represent “One Love”.

I think this is a great photo challenge  especially this week with all of the craziness going on in the US with the upcoming election. I don’t really get political here on the blog since Life According to Jamie is a lifestyle blog and I’m not looking to start a debate over politics. However, the one thing I will say about this whole Donald Trump topic is, he gets under my skin to no end! I don’t know anyone who likes him or supports his views. I really can’t stand him, but that’s just my opinion and if you do like him, you’re obviously entitled to your own opinion. I believe his speeches are full of hate; he promotes violence and hatred. In times like these, when someone who is running to be the next leader of the country attempts to pit people against each other it’s important to look for the good in people and life. As cheesy as it sounds, we should be looking to understand and love one another, not hate each other.

Anyway, that’s just my view on things! I hope this photo of this lovely chapel on this gorgeous island brings you a sense of beauty and hope like it does for me.

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